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Radha Vallabha Das

Founder & CEO

ABOUT Yogi Plate

Yogiplate is a company driven by the mission of assisting health-conscious professionals in finding fresh, balanced, and convenient food options amidst their busy workdays. Recognizing the challenges that people face in maintaining a consistent and healthy diet due to their habits and lifestyle constraints, Yogiplate aims to simplify the process and promote a healthier way of life. The company prepares all its meals using fresh ingredients and ensures prompt delivery before lunch and dinner, guaranteeing both freshness and quality.

The menus offered by Yogiplate have been meticulously developed and balanced by a team consisting of a dietitian and a renowned chef. This collaborative effort ensures that the meals provided are not only delicious but also meet the nutritional requirements of the customers. Radha Vallabha, the acclaimed chef behind Yogiplate, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Apart from being a chef, he is also an author, yoga teacher, speaker, and life coach. With a postgraduate engineering degree from IIT Bombay, Radha Vallabha has extensively studied ancient Eastern texts such as Ayurveda, which has shaped his understanding of the importance of proper diet, exercise, and relaxation in achieving overall health and harmony.

Radha Vallabha has always been a nature lover and advocate for its preservation. Even during his studies, he actively contributed to projects involving the recycling of semiprecious metals from industrial scraps, leading to the commissioning of several recycling plants. After completing his MTech degree from IIT, Radha Vallabha made the decision to dedicate his life's energy to spiritual culture and joined as a full-time monk in Iskcon in Mumbai (Gurgaon Chowpatty). During his time in the ashram, he engaged in community service by offering his cooking skills to provide free meals.

Through Yogiplate, Radha Vallabha continues to serve society by promoting healthy eating habits and contributing to individuals' well-being through nutritious and delicious meals.