Kesh Singh


ABOUT Kollect

KollectApps for Lenders (BankTech) is an integrated platform specifically designed for lending entities, offering advanced automation and management solutions for debt collections, recovery operations, agency processes, legal proceedings, and more. With comprehensive features including data integration, reports, and analytics, KollectApps streamlines and optimizes the entire lending and financing lifecycle.

The platform serves a wide range of financial institutions such as banks, Shariah financing providers, credit card companies, student loan agencies, and distressed asset buyers. Supporting various lending products like consumer loans, mortgages, auto financing, and trade financing, KollectApps caters to both "Good Bank" and "Bad Bank" functionalities as required by the institution.

KollectValley (FinTech), another offering from KollectApps, focuses on automating receivables management for medium-sized to large companies across diverse industries. With features such as workflow strategies, segmentation, receivables analytics, e-invoicing, and payment processing, KollectValley streamlines the entire receivables workflow, enhances efficiency, and provides invoice financing options.

Catering to the needs of CFOs, finance and treasury operations, and customer-facing teams of enterprise-scale companies, KollectValley for Finance FinTech offers a world-class solution for receivables, analytics, and payments management.

KollectApps and KollectValley have gained a strong customer base, including regional banks, large global corporations, and mid-sized to large enterprises. These customers leverage the platform to automate and streamline their receivables, debt recovery, workflow, and analytics processes, integrating seamlessly with their ERP or core banking systems.