Atul Babu


Dhata Tech is a new-age Technology Services company with automation at the heart of service delivery. It is a TechTech company, i.e., leveraging technology for technology services, thus delivering better value to different business stakeholders in their best interests.

Recently many industries like finance, education, and insurance have collaborated with modern technological solutions to achieve better and more fruitful results and have become Fintech, Edtech, and Insurtech. Similarly, Dhata Tech intends to apply Tech in Information Technology Services, thus making it as TechTech.

While the primary purpose of IT Services is to automate different business processes, the approach to delivery is still entirely manual. Dhata Tech attempts to simplify the complexity existing in technology for business by bringing automation in delivering IT services by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and Cloud.

We offer various services, including hybrid cloud infrastructure, advanced networks, SaaS Solutions, customer experience zone, workspace solutions, and data protection.

KFC Ventures invested in Dhata Tech in 2021 to build effective network systems through automation, implementation, and management of SaaS products or start your cloud journey.