Amit Sharma


Spread allows the issuer to issue security tokens unique to their project or a big pool of projects. These tokens financialize value directly and allow for liquid secondary markets of exchange. This value can then be fractionalized to enable any level of participation down to the smallest micro-transactions. In principle, anyone can participate in these new digital economies before, during, or after their creation, allowing all parties to have a stake in their success through decentralized ownership. These security tokens are then offered to all registered institutional/accredited investors globally and represent an investor's rights as an equity holder and debtor of the funds.

We at Spread follow a systematic process to help you establish a mutual trust mechanism among investors (access to high IRR projects, cross-default protection, near-instant liquidity, in-expensive due-diligence, and immediate reconciliation), project developers (access to global investors, reduce the cost to international finance, shorten the financial cycle, reduce the cost of capital, and increasing project profitability), and portfolio managers (higher transparency, integrated analytics, live asset performance data, shorten financing cycle, and near-instant divestment). The process includes matchmaking, building trust, increasing efficiency, reducing risk, lowering entry barriers, and increasing liquidity.