Tushar Tejuja


Hackertrail is a cloud-based recruitment solution for the technology industry, designed to source and connect suitable candidates with the right employer. The headquarters of Hackertrail is located in Singapore and work with both fortune 500 companies as well as seed or growth-stage startups.

The company keeps you from interview fatigue and primarily empowers hiring managers to focus on suitable candidates. Most of our clients are provided qualified and motivated candidates within two weeks of using our proprietary approach.

The primary focus is sourcing the best IT and technology professionals from multiple geographies and helping them connect with organizations that best match their talents. We achieve this by using our proprietary data-driven technology solutions in tandem with working in partnerships with our clients to identify techies with the right skills and those aligned with the organization's culture, vision, and values.

Hackertrail helps you with three critical human resource challenges enterprises face: hiring the right talent, assessing the existing talent, and attracting new talent.

Hackertrail also offers its online assessment tool for assessing technical resources from the pool of hundreds of technical skills. Candidates can take the online challenge on the Hackertrail arena and earn badges and trophies, which help them get noticed on the platform by prospective employers.

KFC Ventures invested in Hackertrail in 2020 in the pursuit of helping people find their dream job.