Amit Sharma


Green My Carbon is the world's first end-to-end platform allowing businesses to measure, monitor, reduce, offset and report the impact of their operations on climate. It's the World's First Impact-as-a-Service platform built on blockchain technology and leveraging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), allowing businesses to forecast their impact and take corrective action recommended by the platform ahead of time.

We use the best technologies to make the process transparent, auditable, and highly efficient. Cash flow tracking, project funding, impact reporting, etc., are all recorded on a public Blockchain, allowing easy accessibility.

We are building a global team of 'Green Ambassadors' who will support the 'Green My Carbon' initiative by social verification of the projects and the performance of the green assets we will continue to fund globally.

We have also built the world's first Carbon Exchange on Blockchain, which enables not just trading of certified carbon credits but also gives opportunities to businesses to offset their emission by investing in our 'Green Fund' through which we are diversifying our impact to areas such as Coral Reef Recoveries, Ocean Plastic Cleanup, Sea Grass Regeneration, Habitat Protection, Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation.

KFC Ventures have invested in Green My Carbon in 2022 to create a greener, healthier, and more sustainable world to live in.