At Iceberg, we assist our elite clients in two steps to achieve innovation and create disruptive breakthrough solutions. The first is by moving the on-premise applications to the cloud. The second is to apply Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning (AI/ML) models and algorithms to the transactional data to provide operational insights that would allow the client to drive cost reduction and improve revenue through better decision-making. We follow a simple four-step process to execute in both cloud and machine learning effectively.

We first thoroughly understand your requirements. Here we assist with why and how it impacts your business. We then visualize and plan with you what can be achieved, From where you are to where you want to be. According to the plan, we deploy and measure each step to ensure we are aligned along and all the way. We continuously help to monitor and improve further incremental improvement of what we visualized together at the beginning of the journey.

KFC Ventures invested in Iceberg in 2021 to facilitate excellent SAP cloud services and AI/ML-enabled enterprise applications. The efficient, perfect combination of Cloud Computing and Machine Learning is what we bring to the table.