Sriram Iyer


HRTech is a Singapore-headquartered HRTech Analyst firm that helps enterprises effectively identify the best-fit HRTech solutions to address their HR & Business challenges.

We at HRTech, strive to create the most excellent possible value for enterprise clients by matching the right HRTech solutions to address their business and talent acquisition challenges. We understand that enterprises that focus on HRTech as part of their transformational agenda create sustainable economic value and better workplace experience for their employees.

HRTech also hosts Singapore's largest HRTech marketplace with over a hundred product providers. They are also the co-creators of the Singapore HRTech Market Map, widely acclaimed for being a ready reckoner for Enterprise HR teams looking for niche HR technology solutions.

As Talent Advisors and HRTech Advocates, we work with our clients to identify the right HRTech solution that addresses their needs. During the journey with the client, we always ensure that all aspects of the "CHRO's transformation agenda are kept in mind."

HRTech offers human resource management systems (HRMS), Talent Acquisition, Talent Analytics, Talent Development, Talent Engagement, Talent Operations, Talent Planning, and Total Rewards planning.

KFC Ventures invested in HRTech in 2020 to optimally leverage the power of technology in human resources, effortlessly getting excellent results.