Bala Iyer


Walnut.ai is a Singapore-based startup with ex-bankers and Machine Learning deep tech data scientists building neural networks for financial service companies. They transformed credit risk, market risk, and operation area, having first-hand experience performing most work manually and leveraging traditional automation tools to enhance productivity

At Walnut, they go the extra mile to help our clients ensure that the products they develop are well integrated with the architecture. Walnut gives complete control and transparency for future scale-up of their client companies.

Walnut offers services like algorithms as a service (AaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and setting up infrastructure like cloud and technology integration (Service & Scale-Up). They can help organisations with various functions of business like banking & financial services, logistics, Human Resources, and CFO & Audit.

KFC Ventures invested in Walnut in 2021 to completely change and automate the way we think, execute, and process.