Zubin Shroff


Nirvighana (nir-vig-nuh), in its most concise definition, means "Unobstructed." We believe that organizations always seek to hire the best people in leadership roles and further empower them to steer the business towards success. Hiring decisions are undoubtedly the most crucial decisions you need to succeed at Nirvighana. Partner with organizations looking to hire the tallest for top-level management positions and help them engage leaders in a full-time, advisory, or mentoring capacity to help them with their vision and execution.

We see ourselves as an entity that helps clients connect with the right talent depending on their business needs and desired outcomes. We aim to help clients solve business challenges through Search, Advisory, and Leadership Development services.

At Nirvighana, we firmly believe that with the right workforce, you can effortlessly bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you aspire to be. Power, Wealth, and Recognition come after attaining a particular position, and we will help you achieve all of that.

KFC Ventures invested in Nirvighana in 2021 to revolutionize how you hire the right people at the right time for the correct position to achieve your business goals and reach the highest peak effortlessly.