Shubham Gupta

Managing Director

ABOUT Lava Protocols

Lava Protocol is a prominent consultancy firm that specializes in empowering and transforming businesses through the provision of cloud technology solutions. Founded in 2006, Lava has established a strong reputation for its expertise in implementing, extending, and connecting cloud applications and platforms such as Salesforce and Google. With a diverse clientele spanning various industries in Malaysia, including telecommunications, healthcare, oil and gas, aeronautical, education, and the government sector, Lava has proven its ability to cater to a wide range of business needs.

As both a Malaysian reseller and partner of industry-leading companies such as Salesforce, Google Cloud (including G Suite and Google Maps), and Custella, Lava excels in providing integrated consultancy solutions and services. Their focus lies in supporting businesses of all sizes, helping them achieve a competitive edge and reduce costs through the utilization of cloud computing technology and applications. Lava's comprehensive approach encompasses every stage of the process, from initial consultation to the delivery of exceptional final products. Their commitment to excellence ensures that clients receive only the highest quality services available in the market.

Lava Protocol boasts a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who understand the significance of platform and application solutions in efficient business management and operations. What sets Lava apart from its competitors is the tangible difference they make for their customers, encouraging them to think differently and work smarter.